You probably already know that there are over 30 trillion cells in our body. But do you know how many microorganisms are living with us, on or within our body? The answer is astonishing! Scientific studies have shown that the average human body is inhabited by at least 1-3 times as many microorganisms as human cells. And together these microbes could weigh 2-4 lbs or more!

The collection of resident human microorganisms, over 1000 different species, is called human microbiota, which includes mainly bacteria, plus archaea, protists, fungi and viruses. Human microbiome refers to the collective genomes of all of the residing microorganisms, that is, a total of more than 5 million different microbial genes closely associated with a human body.

How important is human microbiome to our health? Very important! It has been shown that many of the essential host functions are actually performed by our gut microbiota, including but not limited to immune response, vitamin synthesis, infection defense, carbohydrate digestion, as well as fat storage. A normal and stable microbiota plays an important role in maintaining a healthy state of our body, and is also considered by many to be the first line of defense against pathogens.

What is the procedure?


  • Please select one or more of the microbiome sequencing kits that fit your need. You will be asked to register an online account when you are placing the order. Your sampling kit(s) will soon be shipped to your address through mail, along with a confirmation email containing the tracking number.


  • Upon receiving your kit, be sure to activate it online first. Please follow the instructions included in the kit to do the sampling. Then send your sample back to us in the pre-paid return envelope.


  • Arriving to our lab, your sample will be processed through our cutting-edge microbiome sequencing pipeline, which includes major steps of DNA extraction, NGS library construction, NGS sequencing, and data analysis. You will be notified through email once your sequencing results are ready.


  • Now you can log into your online account to view the summary of the sequencing results, and download analysis data as your own record.